LinPlug Octopus VSTi 1.3.1 x86

LinPlug Octopus VSTi 1.3.1 x86

LinPlug Octopus VSTi 1.3.1 x86 | 48.5 MB

Octopus is a "Dual-Matrix" synthesizer containing one Matrix for Oscillator/Filter frequency modulation synthesis and another Matrix for general modulation. Octopus features 8 additive Oscillators, a Sampler and a powerful approach to modulation - 32 complex multi-purpose envelopes with a wide range of modulation destinations. The key component for building a sound is the instrument's 8 oscillators, Sampler, 2 filters and 32 envelopes. These components allow you to create anything from classic "old school" FM timbres to complex sounds far beyond those possible with conventional FM synthesis. All controls are located on a single panel which is always on view, so you can see at a glance any synth parameter.


* Hybrid Frequency Modulation and Sampling synthesis.
* 10 modulation sources and 8 modulation destinations.
* 550 presets in a wide range of styles made by Nico Herz, Pro-Sounds, Summa, Tim Conrardy and The Outsiderz.
* Full cross-modulation, adjustable feedback for every oscillator.
* 8 additive oscillators using sample-based or user defined waveforms.
* Two independent multimode filters, are available as FM sources.
* Up to 32 envelopes with multiple, syncable segments, free-run, loop and adjustable slopes.
* Graphical envelope editor with sophisticated editing functions.
* Envelopes can be used to modulate a wide range of parameters including amplitude, mix, panning, pitch, frequency, phase, cutoff and resonance of filters.
* Stereo effects section with 4 effects (Parametric EQ, Chorus, Delay and Reverb).
* Two step sequencers each with up to 32 steps each.

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