Corel PHOTO-PAINT v12.0.0.458 Portable

Corel PHOTO-PAINT v12.0.0.458 Portable

Corel PHOTO-PAINT v12.0.0.458 Portable | 261 Mb

Corel PHOTO-PAINT 12 has all of the high-end features and tools the photographer needs to have full control over image editing. It contains all of the important tools like curves, equalization, histograms, layers, objects, masking tools, cloning tools, etc. It also comes with a set of filters that is to large to list to add that creative edge to your images. There are also interactive drop-shadow tools, fill tools, transparency tools, etc. to round out this comprehensive image editing program. PHOTO-PAINT supports third party plug-ins to add additional filters to your editing tool-box.

I have used many photo editors, but I find PHOTO-PAINT to be the most intuitive and comprehensive photo editing software available today. I feel many of the tools and concepts are easier to understand and use than in competitors software I have worked with.

The concept of PHOTO-PAINT is a bit different than some other image editors. With Corel, every object is essentially its own layer and you can add transparencies etc., to each object without having to add new layers, although you can add layers just like in PS.

Selecting areas of your images for non-global modifications is important for post processing of digital images and I find PHOTO-PAINT masking tools to be superior to all others I have used. Besides the general masking tools like the magic wand, lasso tool, etc, there is also a great masking feature in PHOTO-PAINT called the cutout tool which greatly reduces the time that used to be spent creating manual selections. The cutout tool does a great job masking or cutting out parts of your image even on difficult areas to mask like hair. There is also the ability to create masks based on selected color, shadows, highlights, etc., which I use quite often.

My favorite new feature in PHOTO-PAINT is the touch-up brush. While cloning is very important for image editing to remove imperfections, it can be a time consuming process. PHOTO-PAINT cloning tools are the best there are as I have tried to use other editor's cloning tools with less success than in PHOTO-PAINT. But the addition of the touch-up brush has saved me many hours editing areas that I would have used the basic clone tools in the past. The touch-up brush samples pixels around the area you want to clean up by blending the textures and colors surrounding the area you want to eliminate. There are strength settings you can use to control the amount of touch-up the brush will create. This eliminates the need to select a source point to clone from over and over again.

PHOTO-PAINT contains a wide variety of effect tools and brushes that I find very useful. The blend and smear effect tools are two of my favorites. They can be used in touchup chores to effectively blend away those dreaded halos that form around edges when sharpening, or can be used to create wonderful painterly effects. Your creativity is the only limitation with what these tools could accomplish.

File compatibility with other graphics programs
The new version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 supports even more file types than before in order to streamline your workflow. It allows you to easily work with Microsoft Office, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), AutoCad, HPGL, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe PDF files to name a few. Industry standard file compatibility makes it easier to exchange files.

Exporting images for the Web
Creating images for the Web with PHOTO-PAINT 12 is fun and easy. You can optimize an image for the Web before you export it to adjust its display quality, file size and more. You can also create rollovers which are interactive images that change in appearance when they are clicked or pointed to on the Web. You can also assign properties to a rollover, such as Web address that opens when you click on the rollover. These tools can be used to give your photography Website that extra punch!

Color management
Graphics Suite 12 makes color management more intuitive by combining all of the essential color management options in one dialog box. There are 3 predefined color management styles to take advantage of, removing the guesswork of color management. You also have the flexibility of creating and saving your own color profiles.

Color management in the Graphics suite also includes
Import and export options to imbed ICC color profiles in various file formats like .jpg, .tiff, etc. ICC profile options so you can apply profiles to images that are acquired from a scanner or other TWAIN sources to ensure accurate color representations. Color profiles online integration to keep your color profiles up to date, you can retrieve and update from an FPT site maintained by Corel.

Review By Heather McFarland


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