RamSeries Professional 11.0.5

RamSeries Professional 11.0.5

RamSeries Professional 11.0.5 | 91.5 mb

RamSeries is a three-dimensional structural analysis environment for calculations of solids, beams and shells using the Finite Element Method. RamSeries includes totally integrated pre/post-processing modules allowing the user to define the geometry and all other data necessary for the analysis, as well as visualization of the results.

About Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas

Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas is a consulting services company specialized in the engineering design, as well as in the development of software for calculation and information management in technology.
The members of our team are all highly qualified professionals specialised in civil, industrial and naval engineering. These areas are the main focus of Compass activities.
The activities of Compass are driven by our main objective - to bring value to our customers by applying innovative solutions to their problems.

About RamSeries

RamSeries includes a big collection of three-dimensional model types, their burdens and bonds are powerful tools with a variety of applications. Moreover, Ram Series can be adapted to specific needs allowing the user to automate and simplify the analysis process.


- Metal bar-structures calculations
- Reinforced concrete structures calculations
- Isotropic or orthotropic plates and shells calculations
- Pre-dimensioning and verification of reinforced concrete based on the EHE regulations
- Bars-plates coupling analysis
- Three-dimensional solid elements analyses
- Plane stress and strain analyses


- Bars, triangular and tetrahedral elements
- Different local axes definition techniques
- Conjugate Gradients Method with sparse storage. It is possible to analyze up to one million degrees of freedom on one PC.
- Simple hypotheses and combined hypotheses of loads with increment coeficients.
- Available for WINDOWS, LINUX and UNIX operating systems

New in version 11.0


- Morison Loads
- Improved Fluid-Structure calculations (Seakeeping, Vibrations and Ransol).
- Cables and membranes including pre-stressing
- Using paralelized solver hybrid-sparse (Pardiso)
- Triangular loads in beam
- Beams distributed torque loads
- 32 and 64 bits version
- All solvers can be used in Windows and in Linux
- Added Von_mises, Rankine and Tresca criteria
- LaRC04 Three-dimensional Failure Criteria implemented for laminates
- More complete Tsi-Wu Security Factor, including shear stresses
- Added shear stresses in laminate calculations.
- Added option for using all elements available together (Beams, Shells, Solids, Cables and Membranes).
- Wrinkling algorithm for Membrane elements
- Dynamic custom loads
- J2 Plasticity model for Reissner Mindlin shell and solids
- New postprocessing CompassLIB postprocess


- New GPU solvers: BiCG, CG
- New GPU-CPU Preconditioners: SPAI, Deflated
- Improved ODDLS algorith
- New VOF algorith
- Lagrangian tracking tool (+ pathline + streamline)
- New functions
- New Tcl operators (including sparsematrix manipulation)
- Joule effect added for compressible flow.
- New Seakeeping module (beta)
Potential flow solver based on waves Stokes perturbation (FEMSeakeeping module)
Up to 6 degrees of freedom
White noise, mono-chromatic waves and Pierson Moskowitz spectrum
Mooring and non-linear external forces
Coupled with the structural module
- New postprocessing CompassLIB postprocess

Name: RamSeries
Version: Professional 11.0.5
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 91.5 mb

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