SSW Code Auditor v13.64

SSW Code Auditor v13.64

SSW Code Auditor v13.64 | 5.2 MB

Are you looking to eradicate bugs and ensure consistency? SSW Code Auditor is a code analysis tool that allows developers to take control of your code, ensuring large, complex source code can be simplified, cleaned and maintained. The built-in rules focus on the most popular .NET languages (C#, VB.NET) for both Windows Forms and ASP.NET; however, the flexibility of SSW Code Auditor allows the developer to add their own rules to target any language in any text file. As a project or company grows, managing code standards throughout your team becomes virtually impossible. Consistent code is crucial to future development and maintenance. SSW Code Auditor lets you take control of your code and automatically review your web apps and projects - giving you more opportunity to spend time where it really matters.

Here at SSW, we face the problem of maintaining our standards across nearly five thousand web pages, over twenty active projects in both Visual Basic (6 and .NET) and C#. There comes a point where a tool to check our work is needed, this tool is SSW Code Auditor.

SSW Code Auditor utilizes the power of Regular Expressions to audit your code. This powerful feature permits the user to write their own set of rules and have different rules for different projects.

Key Features & Benefits

SSW Code Auditor allows to you:
  • Verify that coding standards are maintained
  • Prevent bad coding practices
  • Seamlessly integrates with VS.NET

Great, user-friendly wizard style interface
With our standards compliant user interface, you are sure to have a consistently great operating environment with SSW products.

Make your own rules!
With our powerful regular expression enabled parsing engine, you have the flexibility to scan any text file for any kinds of rules. Rules can check specific filetypes and have exceptions based on other regular expression matches.

Stay on top of things...
Code Auditor has in-built scheduling and email notification functionality so you can have regular reminders of what needs attention in your projects!

Spanning the big picture
Scan any number of directory trees with extensible path selection. As many development projects can be covered by your rules as you wish.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Add-in
Automatically adds an additional Check-in policy that runs SSW Code Auditor and stops developers from check in code that violates rules.

Built-in sample projects & sample database
We offer a sample database and kinds of sample projects to help you run a professional demo scan.

More Technical Features include the ability to:
  • Check any text file
  • Check file names
  • Scan project directories for code that violates your rules
  • Perform deep traversal of directories
  • Scan websites for HTML that violates your rules - including the information served by the web server!
  • Validate HTML code by using the Tidy HTML engine
  • Use the report that is written to an .mdb, or to export to XML
  • Organize separate projects into jobs
  • Allow exceptions to rules, thus ignoring files that you are aware of
  • Full scheduling abilities with email alerts, providing regular automated checks on your code base.
  • Use Regular Expression to define more rules
  • Regular Expression builder included

System Requirements
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or later
  • VS 2005 (if using VS 2005 Add-in)
  • VS 2008 SP1 or later (if using VS 2008 Add-in)
  • TFS (if using TFS Check-in policy)


Download SSW Code Auditor v13.64

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