Jutoh v1.58 Win Mac OS X

Jutoh v1.58 Win   Mac OS X

Jutoh v1.58 (Win / Mac OS X) | 18.1 MB / 33.7 MB
Languages: Dutch, English, French

Jutoh makes it easy to create ebooks in popular formats that you can sell on many ebook sites. Create your project in seconds from existing files using the New Project Wizard; or create your book from scratch using the built-in styled text editor. Select a book cover design from Jutoh's template, or create your own cover design with the built-in cover editor.

Jutoh Benefits

Jutoh caters for all your format needs

Jutoh creates ebooks in Epub, Mobipocket, OpenDocument and plain text formats. The first two cover most requirements - Epub is the standard with the most support from ebook reader manufacturers and publishers, including Apple with their iBooks platform, while Mobipocket covers Amazon's Kindle platform. Jutoh also creates OpenDocument (ODT) files, which you can open directly using OpenOffice.org to create PDF or other linear formats. ODT files can be optimized for submission to the popular Smashwords platform.

Jutoh helps you design your cover
Adding a professional-looking cover is important in helping you sell your book. Jutoh includes a simple cover designer with templates for you to use immediately, or you can tweak them and create your own designs. Your title, author name and publisher are automatically inserted into the design. If you already have a cover design, you can use that. You can even keep several alternative designs in your project and see which works best, or use different covers for different sites or editions.

Jutoh helps you import existing content
The New Project Wizard helps you import existing content, whether from a word processor file, HTML files or even an existing ebook. (Note that imported Epub/HTML content will be simplified as Jutoh does not retain the original CSS - however import from ODT preserves most styles.) You can decide how to split up a document into sections, using either styles in the document or a pattern that matches section headings. This makes creating your ebooks as quick and painless as possible.

Jutoh is speedy
Fast to import your existing content, whether in text, HTML, or OpenDocument.
Fast to create your Epub, Mobipocket or other format.
Fast to edit content and switch between variations of your ebooks.
Jutoh is written in C so runs at top speed - no frustrating delays.

Jutoh is multi-platform
Jutoh runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and various other Unix-based systems, and you can easily copy your files between machines of different kinds. One licence can be used on multiple operating systems simultaneously; and rest assured that if you buy a different kind of desktop or laptop, you don't have to leave your way of working behind and buy new software.

Jutoh makes it easy to create ebook variations rapidly
Thanks to Jutoh's configurations, you can describe differences between versions of your book - a different cover, a different title page, different formatting - all without needing separate projects. Just select a different configuration and click Compile. This is invaluable when you are distributing ebooks using different sites with slightly different requirements.

Built-in ebook checking gives you confidence
Jutoh installs Adobe's EpubCheck and EpubPreflight checker programs, so you can easily check your Epub book for internal errors or problems that might arise with specific readers. The checkers are run within Jutoh, so you don't have to mess about with invoking the applications yourself, and Jutoh will show the errors in context using its built-in Epub source viewer, with helpful tips to help you understand the errors.

Jutoh helps you store related material
Jutoh lets you store text, picture, and web notes together with the book content. So if you're writing or editing your ebook within Jutoh, you can easily refer to your notes or store text that doesn't yet have a place.

Jutoh support is responsive and ready to help
We're a small company so when you ask for technical help, you're talking to the developer - and we're keen to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible. We improve Jutoh all the time in response to user feedback, and it's common for us to quickly make private releases to help with a user's specific problem. This way, we keep our users happy and we get to improve Jutoh for other users.

Jutoh Features


Jutoh supports paragraph and text formatting. You can add custom paragraph styles to the built-in styles, and you can specify custom CSS for each style (or the whole style sheet) if required.

Multiple format export
Jutoh exports to Epub, Mobipocket (if the kindlegen application is available), ODT, single-page HTML, and text.

HTML, text, ODT, and Epub import
Jutoh imports from a range of formats. Using an application such as OpenOffice.org or the OpenDocument plugin for Microsoft Word, your existing word processor files can be saved in ODT (Open Document Format) for import into Jutoh. Or you can import from plain text or HTML, or an existing Epub ebook. (Note that CSS style definitions are not preserved when importing from HTML or Epub.)

'Configurations' allow extensive customisation
Jutoh's configuration facility allows you to define a version of your book that has its own cover, style sheet, and even variations in content (such as a title page with text specific to a web site or publisher).

Cover designer
Jutoh's cover designer lets you quickly create a simple cover design for your book, and a number of templates are provided. You can change the layout of a design and add more text and pictures; keywords in the design are updated automatically from the book's metadata.

Table of Contents Wizard
By default, Jutoh can create a simple table of contents from chapter titles, without intervention.

If you need finer control of your table of contents, Jutoh has a wizard to make it easy for you to build the contents page based on the styles of the headings in your book. You have control over the entries in the book, and can add new links by hand if required.

Alphabetical Indexes
Import your index entries from ODT or insert them by hand, and Jutoh will create a multi-level alphabetical index in seconds. Great for non-fiction authors.

Footnotes and endnotes
Jutoh supports footnotes embedded throughout the document, and can add them to the end of chapters or create a separate endnotes page. Footnotes are supported in ODT import.

Jutoh lets you customise automatic replacements (for example, replacing (c) with ©) and also does automatic quotation replacement.

Built-in Epub error checker and debug window
Jutoh includes Adobe's EpubCheck, a button click away. If there are errors in the generated file, errors will be shown in context using Jutoh's source viewer.
The source viewer supports search within a document and you can go to a specific line. You can also use the viewer to examine other Epub files, not just ones generated by Jutoh.

Configurable ebook launching
You need to check that your book looks good on a variety of ebook platforms. Jutoh lets you add viewer applications so you can easily choose the desired ebook reader for viewing your generated book.

Spelling checker
Check for typos with the built-in spellchecker, available in a number of languages.

Keyboard shortcuts for high-speed editing
Use keyboard shortcuts to make editing your projects fast and natural.

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Jutoh v1.58 Mac OS X:


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