Araba Kullanma Similasyonu Ehliyet ıçin

Çok guzel bir araba kullanma similasyonu...Dunyanın bircok yerinde ehliyet kurslarında kullanılan bu similasyon sayesinde bilgisayar basında araba kullanabilirsiniz hemde gercek gibi.Bu similasyonun içinde ayrıca motorsiklet kullanımıda gosteriliyor...

You want to make your driver's licence and save time and money? Why not exercising with a simulator anyway! Get familiar with everyday traffic conditions without risking damages and tickets. Or simply enjoy the breathtaking 3D worlds of 3D Driving-School (Auto-école 3D). Get driving experience step by step in our small town Gobesdorf:

Training ground, right before left, grant right of way, stop, driving over traffic lights, turning right and left correctly, mirror and schoulder-checks etc. Our virtual driving instructors always keep the nerves.

Drive during rain, snow, and in the night. When do I switch headlights and windscreen-wipers on?
Big-city traffic in Berlin. Mixed rules with a higher traffic density; you will need the horn definitely.
We also have the specified special drives: Cross-country trip on our secondary road as well as a big Europe motorway connecting Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain.

Fleet of vehicles for the different driver license classes: Class B (5 cars), class S (2 quads), class A (3 motorcycles), and A1 with our Pantheon scooter.

   Most sold praxis-driving software in Germany and Europe.
   It may be still more? Switch on your navigation system and drive across Europe's streets:       Driving on the left in London.
   Special signalling rules and new road signs require your whole knowledge.
   Defensive training in Paris - don't let yourself be provoked by our traffic-rowdies.
   Night journey in virtual Madrid.
   Virtual historical city of Ghent in Belgium with a police game for people who like faster to drive (only with flashing light, however!)
You are pupils and would like to study languages? Try our native speaker for English, German, French, and Flemish.
3D Driving School 2008
Ortalama Download Boyutu: 92 Mb

1. Controlling the Game

F1:  Option Menu
     To reassign keys and adjust Video/Sound
     In this dialog you will also see all other key-assignments
     and the corresponding joystick buttons

ESC: Scene-Selection
     Switch between different exercises and exit the game

2. Driving
left/right arrow-key   Steer left and right
Arrow-up               accelerate
Arrow-down             break
Backspace              full-break

F                      Automatic gear - drive forward
R                      Automatic gear - drive in reverse
P                      Park

3. Viewing
Spacebar               Mirror on/off
Shift+left arrow       look round to the left side
Shift+right arrow      look round to the right side
End                    look backwards
F7                     Internal cockpit / external camera
L                      Headlights on/off

4. Signalling
Ctrl                   Signal left           
Alt                    Signal right

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