Turbo Photo Digital Albüm Programı

Turbo Photo Digital Albüm Programı

Turbo Photo v6.3 Bu program digital makinası olanlar için ideal bir program. ıki bölümden oluşuyor; turbo foto?raf albümü ve turbo foto?raf editörü. Editör kısmı ile fotograflarınızdaki hataları düzeltebilirsiniz, mesala gözlerdeki kırmızılı?ı, karanlık resimleri aytınlatabilirsiniz. Düzeltmeleri yaptıktan sonra foto?raf albüm kısmından bunları albüm haline getirebilirsiniz. Bunun gibi daha bir çok özelli?i var.

Turbo Photo v6.3 Turbo Photo is a very easy to use yet powerful image editing/processing software that is designed for digital camera owners. It offers professional image enhancement options without requiring you to have any technical knowledge of digital imaging. Turbo Photo consist of two parts: Turbo Photo Album and Turbo Photo Editor.
Turbo Photo Album is the photo management and batch edit software of Turbo Photo. With Turbo Photo Album, you can easily manage, view, print and share your photos.
In Turbo Photo Editor, the functions are classified in 5 groups from photography aspect: transform, exposure, color, enhancement and frame&signature. The what's wrong wizard will lead you to the corresponding function quickly and visually. Besides the traditional functions and features you can image, Turbo Photo provides its own unique and magic functions like tone maker, smart erase, noise reduction, defog, HSB curve and many more...

Turbo Photo offers many types of enhancements, including color balance and HSB mode adjustment, noise reduction, skin beautification, rotate, crop and much more. The skin beautification mode allow you to instantly remove blemishes by simply clicking on them, soften the skin tone and more. In addition, you can add frames, insert text, batch edit and print, view slideshows and more. Turbo Photo can automatically select the best format for the file when you re done. The program supports JPG, TIFF and other formats as well as EXIF. It allows even complete newbies to create perfect pictures and provides plenty of features to satisfy even advanced users.

The program starts out with a wizard dialog that ask you "what is wrong with your picture?" and offers you to choose the option from an example dialog. From then on, it takes you step by step through correcting or enhancing your image while constantly offering you previews of possible options as well as the original to compare to.
You simple select which suggested version of the image looks best or adjust the settings to further improve it. In many cases, you will be able to turn an average photo into a great one within a matter of minutes while others may need some fine tuning, which can be easily done, regardless of your experience. Exposure, color, composition, sharpness, and the contrast can be easily mastered and controlled by you. If you are a more advanced user, you can use the manual adjustments and bypass the wizards to totally control the photo quality.
A must-try for any digital camera owner!

Top Features and Samples:
• Problem oriented wizard and automatical processing, get extraordinary photos step by step.
• Full control of exposure and color with tools from basic to professional.
• Recommend: 'Professioanl historgram', 'HSB curve','Tone maker' and 'Photography conception adjustment'.
• Support adding frame, text, logo, signatures with templates or manually.
• Remove or reduce noise, fog, dark corner, purple fringing, red eyes, spots...
• Optimize portrait by special digital beauty function with both wizard version and professional version.
• Supply plenty of special effects and support external plugins.
• Free transform include correcting barrel distortion and perspective distortion, changing shape.
• Powerful print and typeset functions.
• Batch processing, support resizing, renaming, converting, processing...
Turbo Photo v6.3
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Turbo Photo v6.3
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